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>> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. meetings and i made a point to make sure that all of the neighbors have my cell phone numbers if any concerns arise and so i appreciate your time and hope you will support this project. thank you. good even commissioners i'm sam roberts i remember the senior associate i'm standing in for john dryfus, he was looking forward to come back because he grew you mean up in san francisco and his parents live in the city and have purchased cars from the hansens for the last 50 years or so and so, he asked me to talk about this and
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i'm not sure who i tell about switching over to the -- for the presentation -- threw go where we started with the site is meeting the enhancements of the hansen's dealership and the neighborhood and so the way we did that the increased capacity current site it's smaller than the showroom that we currently have and so we took the showroom requirement and is split it and
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stacks those two functions on top of each other it allows the hansens to tailor the sales process because they know the neighborhood and consumers very well they will be able to stress the function there and holds the corner and holds the anchor for a gaping tooth in the neighborhood so, and one of the things that was raised when it stack was brant about is there were concerns about the building mass and so one of the things that we put into place, we will see in the ground floor here, it's a little bit washed out but the curve wall is actually meant to recall the racing history of ally and so we call it is roadway curve and that allows us to lighten up the building and make it less monolithic and you will see it again here, and then
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finally here and then it activates the street and the idea was to actually create some activity within the -- to push the cars towards the street so it become a more urban retail experience and with that, i'm available for questions if you need me thank you for your time. thank you. >> thank you commissioners-and i just want to go over additional outreach issues and we have held three meetings on the probability and it was a mainly a meeting to reach out to the neighbor neighborhood and get input early on and andy mentioned that he has been a member of the neighborhood for many many years and wanted to continue that outreach and be involved with the neighborhood and taking in that input and he has given out his personal cell
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phone number and he is the project sponsor on the front line ready to response respond and take input from neighbors and in response to community meeting they have made selfchange to the project. the original prompt of the proposed for 58 feet and they have reduced that to 58 feet and it's an effective height of 50 meet and friction feet and in response to that second community meeting, they agreed to move their car deliveries which are currently derive by truck to the lot and a couple streets and facilities to the several blocks for the north and they have improved that explrd have not heard any concerns about it since the meetings and in addition, and for test drives and is something around -- andy
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has instructed his employees no longer to use the street where there were complaints and and automobiles on the room roof and so there has been a lot of significant exchanges based on this project and based on community groups. we have received several imors endorsements and san francisco auto jobs alliance and rotary club and finally the mission language and vocational school the prompt is going to provide a number of new jobs we are expecting 20 to 30 with 75% of them being service related and so these are entry level blue collar paying jobs and exactly
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what the plan was asking for and in addition,, well we'll be working with royal motors to identify local qualified workers to fill these pokes and again another goal of the earn neighborhood plan. further, the probability is consistent with city policies in the planning code. and in addition, i want to point out this map on the spread sheet -- thank you. >> was that the 15 minutes? it was a three minute for mr. keive lynn --. >> not much left, yeah, so as you can see here on the overhead, there are 20 auto service related businesses and immediate vicinity of the
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project site if the overhead ever comes on and there are also five existing car clips in the area as well and so this is completely consistent with where you would put this time type of use and as part of the mission area plan, also, would -- the area to maintain the existing mixed use character of the neighborhood this continues you to do that and this isfully compliant with the planning code and so again we are excited to expand with this business that has roots in san francisco for over 75 years and the hansens are good neighborhoods in fraction and the public works sent them a letter of main tinning the cleanliness of the site and so, finally, we respect fully request that you approveth this project and we are here if you have any questions thank you
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commissioners. >> public comment on this project is this air force number of cards if i call your name please line up on the screen side of the room. row czar row, maria or teeinga and fred narrow ran hough [spelling?]. >> i have i have been asked to speak on behalf of mission director of language of vocational school and i'm going to ask a big favor these two ladies here speak spanish and have been waiting all day and they had interpreters and they had brought some people from their community to talk about the probability and they would like it talk about it, they speak spanish my spanish is pretty decedent and i'm hoping
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that i can translate. >> yes. >>. >> (spanish). >> okay shes here to support the probability on 14th and south vannest. the prompt is going to provide a sense of more security for them in the
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community show said that they like the fact because think walk in the community and they go to a store in the community a lot of these people don't have transportation and they like the fact that when they walk down that the dealership actually knows some of these people and watches out for them -- johnathan? >> i guess it's an employee his name is johnathan and they talk and johnathan had asked them to come and support the project to make them aware of it.
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there were other woman that have come that had to go home or go to work to do what they had do and they had to leave because they were here earlier. okay. okay thank you. >> her name is martha sanchez and she is here to support the project she says with the project if it's approved that they are going to feel even more
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safe. she says she goes to do herrer rands in the area and in the evening it's light and safer to walk she says it's going to be safer for her because she doesn't have an automobile and she alms has to walk down that area. more lying, walk with her children ... and with the time change that is very dark, and there is more lighting shows a afraid and if this project goes further that she is going to
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feel much more comfortable. she says the people that work i guess that wash the cars in the front they always say hi to the people in the community and watch out for them. and i guess they have security guards or something so that when they walk, they watch out for them. she says it was really awful, it used to be really awful to be walking in the area and the dealership has made it i guess safer for them there was people with alcohol and drugs and homeless and she had to do a taxi which she really could not afford to do. and okay thank you. >> thank you. sorry i did the best i can and i apologize.
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thank you. i was just reading her statement that she had and she had to leave because of the executive director and she had other meetings and she was here for a while and it basically said good afternoon planning commission my name is row share yo and i'm an l n v s and i'm here before you today to support the dealership royal motors at south venice avenue the probability will create jobs in the clerical industry and generated revenue for san francisco and andy at royal motors has been meeting with the stakeholders in the groups and he is committed in site providing internships at the workplace organization like n l v s and through his develops he has been sensitive to all of the
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stakeholders in the community and therefore we support this project. and i can leave this with you if you would like.. >> and i'm fred and the reason why i'm here basically, i have been very fortunate that i know appear deand he has given a lot of opportunities. for small businesses in the areas to do business with them and i'm one of them but also the thing that i enjoy the most because i grew up in the mission district and i urns i do not understand the minutia of the building and the code because that is irrelevant to me but i know one thing that community has been somewhat grateful to him for the kipe of security and support and being a good citizen and a lot of the people like the woman from his language vocal school as you know are basically a lot of latino woman that go to school there and trying to get trained
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and they are the one that is walk in that community and don't have vehicle and is shop at food co and i even shop at food co because i like that place and he has been a good citizen of that community and really tried too make changes to make sure that all of the stakeholders are happy but the most important thing is, i appreciate his concern for the immigrants that live in the community that are first language generation and i'm really happy to see this board of diversity because i think some of you can understand that. so thank you. very much. >> thank you. i have two more speaker cards phillip lesser and graze sloan.. >> commissioners gooj phillip
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from mission miracle mile business improvemnt which had a meeting today and unanimously endorsed the probably task very feel good project and is a very feel-good sponsor as one of the board members at the meeting today quipped. they have the name for rock & roll this is a long-standing local business one of the central tenants of our general plan is to use our land in such a manner to continuing supporting local business and by voting for this, you will be doing just that and some of you longer standing commissioners walk the commission with me back when we were doing the commission plan and we have a director who's who was on the job for one month who did the same and this is the area that transitions to north east missions of course, where weaver the large foot present and the
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pd r and we have to come up with something and it's unique to san francisco and first time we heard it sounds like urban mixed use. having heard the last item on your agenda eight and harrison, that is a grander scale but this is the same sort of thing, we have residential with commercial and historically, this is the auto row of the mission district. so, every organization that they have reached out to has been unanimous in this place, this is an organization that walks the walk they don't just talk the talk and i'm honored to be here to speak on it's behalf. thank you very much. >> thank you.. >> good evening my name is ray sloan i'm a 28 year resident of the area 19th street near gur
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row and when i had young people in my house back in the 80's we had a rule that you could not go past 16th street and valencia and because of the contributions that are being made like this dealership and all of that,that is all changed. and i have had a 25 years relationship with the missionle vocal school and i know that they do and i'm happy to hear that they have endorsed the project and i would also like to say that part of the improvements are the lighting of the area and i gave up a car 11 year ago and so i walk the entire mission and it's now an area you can now only cross 16th street and go down but there are a lot of rights and this contribution, also, i think to
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had a area are in addition, to what is happening and all of that and so i personally highly recommend it. thank you. . >> thank you any further public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed, commissioner moore. the aspects of this project which are interesting and intriguing to me one is the history of family and the long standing evolve in the communities to all of the developmental things that we hear about it's really a great story that is not as much why we approve a project but i appreciate you talk about it and secondly the community support and outreach does remarkable and i couldn't be happier to see it embedded where it is and thirdly, i'm very intriguinged about the design because it speaks so much to the product it has is and so, i move too approve. >> second.
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commissioner borden. >> yeah, icommission moore shared a lot of my feels and i do not live far from that site and i think it's ads to community and clearly over the years obviously this family has contributed so much so the community and iniad it safer and a better neighborhood and is continuing to do so and i thank you for doing had a and so not only is the family great but you odd deas a company is great and it's a wonderful time when you know you are creating jobs for people and a great product. >> commissioner antonini. i appreciate the story that mr. hansen told us about his grandfather andy anderson and remind me about stories from
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my grasped father how businesses were started by someone who gained all of this knowledge on the job and then eventually took over the business and started his or her own business and one thing that was shared with me earlier is the name royal motors came from the type writer where mr. hansen was typing his first respondence and since it was a royal type retire, he decided to use the royal name and so great story and years ago i'm happy to hear there is a new auto row on south of van nest and we louvre the 20 or 30 p v r jobs that this particular auto related business is going to create ask perhaps in time, will start to rethink our attitude about cars and be accepting about the fact that people have cars and provide jobs for many of our
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citizen and is they might as well buy them here and as them services in san francisco. >> commissioner sag guya. yes, i have always wandered, i guess for a long time whether the car clips here would survive because everyday east i go by there it's like hey they are still there. so i'm really glad that i'm able to survive in the city where a lot of car dealers have to the been able to a couple of year ago i was looking for a new car but and i was considering lexus but there are no lexus dealers here and you have to go into mar incounty and i thought i do not want do that and especially if servicing came along or something happened to the vehicle and so i stuck with frank and suddenly glad that
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you are going to continue and expand your business.. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second to approve with conditions antonini. i guess i didn't buy a lexus. >> commissionerrer more so moved commissioners that motion passed unanimously. five to zero. commissioners do you need a break? let take a five-minute break. (break).
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